From the very beginning, preparing the music for the wedding of Ludwig Prinz of Bayern and Sophie Prinzessin von Bayern brought great joy. After reviewing a few mass settings, the couple selected Joseph Haydn’s “Nicolai Mass” for their wedding Mass. Despite its elegance and festivity, the composition is succinct, making it a cherished piece among the singers and instrumentalists of the Vokalkapelle der Theatinerkirche, a choir that dates back to the Bavarian court circa 1482.

Special attention to the bride’s procession 

When it came to selecting music for the bride’s traditional entrance, special attention was required. “Zadok the Priest” (HWV 258) stands out as one of the most iconic pieces of sacred music, originally crafted by Georg Friedrich Händel for the coronation of George II in 1727. Over time, the anthem has been adapted for various occasions, even serving as the UEFA Champions League Theme Song. The composition builds suspense gradually, leading to a powerful crescendo of chords sung by the full choir and trumpets, making it a perfect choice for the bride’s traditional entrance—a poignant moment in the wedding liturgy. I tailored the lyrics to suit the occasion (“Let us sing, and praise the almighty, alleluia, alleluia”), ensuring that it synchronized perfectly with the bride’s procession, and incorporated a familiar Bavarian song to add a local flair.

Reflecting personal aspects through music

The rest of the musical selections for the wedding ceremony were chosen to reflect different aspects of the couple’s lives. Given Sophie Prinzessin von Bayern’s substantial time in Great Britain, the inclusion of Sir Hubert Parry’s “Jerusalem” was essential. Drawing inspiration from the attendees in traditional Bavarian attire, I composed a special “Wedding vocalise” (“Andachtjodler”) that embodies the traditional chant of the alpine people.

Music and prayer

I am immensely grateful to be able to share the wedding music videos on my YouTube channel for everyone’s enjoyment. May the melodies serve as an inspiration for our prayers, especially for couples embarking on marriage, and may they also resonate with our personal vocations. 

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